Punishments and Rewards

Master requested I make a list of punishments and rewards. This is always challenging for me because there is a fine line between punishment and erotic stimulation.

During punishments it is important for Master to ensure I understand I am being punished and that he express his disappointment in me. It also helps if I am made to explain or retell what I did wrong, as I hate to verbalize my mistakes. If we are in the middle of a session and he is training me, then I think that is a different situation from punishment. That is just corrective training and it may be a quick smack to let me know I am not pleasing you in the moment.

Many of my punishment ideas may be used as part of  our normal sessions or during a marking session but I believe if I know I am being punished, and you increase the intensity to an uncomfortable level, they will work for punishment as well. As for true punishment, there is a certain build up of anticipation for the punishment session which I admit I enjoy. It gives me a rush of dread and worry that I can’t explain. Here is a list of ideas I have for my punishments:

  • Forcing me to spend the night in tight bondage
  • Make me sleep with my collar on or a butt plug in.
  • Spanking me in the daylight as you once described in the desert.
  • Binding me up and ignoring me.
  • The cane
  • Clothespins
  • Inner thigh spanking
  • Public humiliation for example we are in a bar and you grab my face forcing me to look at you.
  • Pain without pleasure
  • Uncomfortable postures
  • Hard mouth fucking
  • Forcing me to make myself vomit when I have been drinking
  • Not allowing me to speak or look at you
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Playing out one of my session ideas (I will be writing these for you soon!)
  • Jewelry
  • Romantic dinner
  • Trip out-of-town
  • Intellectual events such as lectures, book talk, movie, TED talk, etc.
  • New sex toys
  • Romantic love-making
  • Using the vibrator on me
  • Dessert with coffee
  • New books
  • Outdoor adventures such as hiking, geocaching, exploring ghost towns.
Love you,
Slave Athena

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